Why Do you Think That Solar Energy Has a bright future in India?


We are discussing on Why do you think that solar energy has a bright future in India?

Solar Energy has a bright future in India because we are a tropical country. There are 300 bright, sunny days in a year throughout the majority of the nation. This offers a plethora of opportunities for harnessing solar power.

  • The use of solar energy has the potential to reduce rural communities’ dependence on firewood and dung cakes, so contributing to environmental conservation and an adequate supply of manure in agriculture.
  • It is a clean and renewable energy source.
  • Solar energy is becoming more and more economical due to the steady decline in the cost of solar panels and related technology.
  • In remote and rural locations, solar energy is becoming more and more popular. In rural areas, solar energy will take the place of firewood and dung cakes, protecting the environment and guaranteeing a sufficient supply of manure based on dung cakes for agricultural purposes.

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